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Amazing Facts about Corn

Corn is the main ingredient in our meals. Arepas and Cachapas are made with corn meal. We also serve corn salsa. At Amaize we are so proud to have corn as our main ingredient, as it is full of nutritional benefits. Below are some key facts about corn:

Corn Healthy Fact

100% gluten-free, Corn is also an excellent source of Vitamin B which helps the immune system and also aids in developing cognitive functions.

Corn Historic Fact

Perhaps no other food has been more closely identified with the Americas than corn. Corn was first cultivated by Native Americans more than 7,000 years ago, and is still one of the world's most important crops to this day.

Pre-cooked cornmeal

P.A.N. corn meal is a high quality corn-based flour alternative that is Gluten-Free, healthy, and can be used in virtually any recipe.

Fun Food

Anyone who has eaten fresh corn-on-the-cob or freshly popped popcorn knows the satisfaction that corn brings. Some of that satisfaction comes from corn's high fiber content, its mildly sweet flavor, and its gluten-free properties!