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At Amaize, we want to share our passion for Arepas with the world and we are excited to help you “CYO” (Create Your Own) and discover your personal favorites. Learn more about Amaize!

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Amaize is the coolest place to enjoy latin inspired food, come to enjoy our original style!
As latin inspired food, we are amaizeeengly Tasty!
Arepas and Cachapas
At the "Mercadito" you can find, arepa toasters, arepa baskets, kitchen utensils, recipe books, aprons, hats, cornmeal flour for arepas and cachapas, your favorites fillings, cheeses and many other amaizeeeng things!
That's the usual reaction scream every visitor makes after tasting our arepas!
Arepas have been enjoyed by cultures for hundreds of years —especially in Latin America— they can be paired with a variety of fillings and toppings. Healthy and versatile, We are honored to share this Latin heritage and culture… Read More
At Amaize, we are excited to help you “CYO” (Create Your Own) Arepas and discover your personal favorites. You can make hundreds of amazing combinations. We want you to feel inspired and experiment with flavors and create your special one… Read More
100% Gluten Free, Corn is also an excellent source of vitamin B which helps the immune system and develop cognitive system. Read More
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